Eden Test site wind data

Wind data acquired Late April 2012 through Mid November 2013

So far, data acquired has shown we are on target to match predicted average wind as shown on NREL Texas wind map. Average wind speeds declined as expected during June through September, but appear to be picking back. Chart is of weekly averages at 34 meters only. We will update the data later to include the 21 meter height data.

I'm expecting the best winds December through April, which could bring yearly averages back up to 6.5 m/s or better. Average from June 19, 2012 though June 19, 2013 has been 6.40 m/s (14.3 mph)



As can be seen in the wind rose diagram below, the wind is very directional, predominantly from the southernly directions. The small distribution graphs around the rose show the distribution for the wind from that 22.5 deg sub-quadrant. The average windspeed is plotted against the number of hours at each of the .5 M/S windspeed bins for that range.