Do you have as much wind as much as we do?

In addition to being a test site, we also offer sales and installation of a great 10KW class wind turbine. We are a Master Dealer in Texas for Ventera Wind turbines. This is a great wind turbine, that is built in the USA! Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation to see if a wind turbine is right for you. When sited appropriately, the Ventera can pay for itelf in 7 years or less by what it can save you on your electric bill.

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What we are about

We are in the process of creating a test site in an area of great wind, and open spaces.

Situated upon the Edwards plateau in the geographic center of the state of Texas. We are 35 miles east of San Angelo, and 40 miles West of Brady. Easily accessible by road or air (commercial air service into San Angelo). We are currently in the process of collecting meteorological data from the site. We have a 34 meter met tower with wind speed recorded at 34 and 21 meters along with wind direction. Data is being averaged at both 1 min and 10 min intervals, along with temperature and barometric pressure.

The facility will have internet service, an onsite restroom, and eventually accommodations for a small number of overnight guests. Future plans for the facility also include a runway suitable for private aircraft requiring 3000' or less to operate.