Do you love collecting data as much as we do?

There's one thing you can't get too much of in this business- Data! The first thing we did after purchasing the property for the test site, was to set up a 34 meter meteorological tower to start capturing wind and other atmospheric data for the site. We have 18 months of data so far, and are working to get the most recent data posted. The met data is not yet live, but we eventually plan to have a live link that will provide live site weather data, along with searchable historic data for the site. The 18 months of data we have acquired indicates that on an annual basis, we experienced around 6.5 M/S (14.3 mph) wind at 30 meters, just as predicted on the original wind map .

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Services to be performed range from:

1) The lease of a single pad site with access to electric service and the site network, including internet gateway.

In this type of agreement, the client is responsible for furnishing all equipment including the tower and data acquisition equipment, erection of the tower, turbine commissioning, and data collection. The customer will have access to real time data from the on site 34 meter met tower.

2) The addition of turbine data services, with the collection of time stamped basic turbine data on the site owned data acquisition system. Data collected includes meteorological data at the turbine site, turbine voltage, power out (measured at the output of the inverter if so equipped, and turbine RPM.

3) Power curve generation, using method of bins described by IEC 61400-12. This analysis will require a separate mast for the anemometer, or reduced accuracy for an anemometer mounted on the wind turbine tower.