Do you love breaking stuff as much as we do?

I'm sure that if you are a manufacturer and are planning on staying in business, or an importer who wants to have repeat customers and develop a good reputation, you should make sure that the product you plan to sell is not going to look like the one on the right the first time a storm comes through. You will want to sell only wind turbines that have been thoroughly tested.

You just can't let your customer be your product test facility. We've seen too many examples of a product that is allegedly ready for sale (such as the one on the right) come apart during the first spring storm. This is just one reason you need us to put your equipment through it's paces, in an environment that can quickly produce results.

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Cactus Blum Ranch, LLC was founded in October of 2011 by Randy Cooper for the purpose of developing a test site for "small wind" turbines and equipment. The need for an economical site for testing came about as I was testing wind turbines that I was planning on importing from China for resale. I had been testing these in my backyard, on our 1.3 acre residential lot, just outside of the Houston city limits.

Houston is not that good of a place to test wind turbines due to the inconsistent wind we have. Some very good wind comes through when we have a thunderstorm, and about 4 months of the year the wind is what I would call marginal for small wind at around 3 M/S (7 mph). I begin searching for a test site that would provide consistent wind when I wanted it.... not just when a storm was blowing through.

What I found was that the closest test site was a 10 1/2 hour drive, in Canyon TX, (near Amarillo). The basic cost for putting a turbine under test there was several thousand dollars per month as well. I decided then, to start looking for property closer to Houston that I could set up my own test site, and even rent out spots to other's with the same need as myself (hopefully at a more affordable rate as well).

After searching for two years for an "affordable" piece of property with projected wind of least 6.5 M/S at 30 meter height I found what seemed to be the perfect spot right in the geographical center of Texas. This spot was just over 5 hour drive from Houston, and would even support the addition of a runway in the future.

So I bought it! ....that in itself is a whole other story. Suffice it to say, buying the place was not the easiest purchase I've ever made but what I went through during the process helped lend a name to it that it would not otherwise have acquired.